Creative Management Platform vs Banner maker

Display advertising without automation tools is extremely slow and expensive. Save time and money using a banner maker – or better yet, a Creative Management Platform (CMP).

What is the difference between a banner maker and a CMP?

What is the difference between a banner maker and a CMP?

A CMP covers the entire campaign workflow – create, personalise, distribute, and optimise, using a single platform. Save time and money with powerful scaling and targeting.

An ad maker will save production time compared to manual creation – but in contrast to a CMP, like Bannerflow, it has limited features.

Creative Management Platform Vs Banner maker

Creation capabilities

CMP Banner Maker
Template-based creation
Highly customisable creation
Template-based scaling
Powerful smart scaling
Dynamic content such as live data feed
Cloud-based collaboration
Multiple digital channels and formats

Performance capabilities

CMP Banner Maker
Built-in ad serving
Integrated publishing across multiple channels
Updating live ads
Integrated real-time analytics
Personalisation such as DCO
A/B test

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Key benefits of using a Creative Management Platform

Discover some of the most valuable features a CMP can provide you with, to help you increase your digital advertising results.

Scale ads in no time

Banner makers offer simple scaling. CMPs enable powerful, AI assisted ad reproduction. Go from a single master creative to all the different ads you need in just a few hours.

  • Scale to unique sizes
  • Automatically graphically optimised
  • Automatically conform to chosen ad networks

Localise and globalise

Translation management with a spreadsheet is time-consuming and can add days to the production workflow. Although, a CMP changes that. Produce multi-market campaigns easily, since you can:

  • Translate, edit, and approve in-platform
  • Collaborate cloud-based across the world
  • Recreate ads in just a few clicks
Built in workflow for collaboration with multilingual social media creatives

Personalise ad creation

Boring, repetitive banners do not cut it with customers. That’s why using creative and personalised advertising is so important. Here are just a few things the ad creator of a CMP, such as Bannerflow, offers:

  • Advanced rich media animations
  • Easy to apply video
  • Code-free interactivity
  • Live dynamic content and data feeds
  • A range of different targeting options
  • Next level personalisation
  • Omnichannel, multi-format campaigns
  • Brand consistency…
    … and more.

Distribute directly

Unlike banner makers, CMPs are directly integrated into the publishing process. Distribute your ads directly to your chosen publisher, ad network or affiliate site, seamlessly. Additionally:

  • Ads are automatically optimised for specific publishing requirements
  • Update published ads instantly
  • Export to several formats
  • A/B test easily to improve performance